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Going Paperless

Last year marked the beginning of my journey towards a paperless lifestyle. A seasoned writer, I was accustomed to the traditional pen and paper approach, but I decided to challenge myself and embrace the digital revolution. It wasn’t a smooth transition; I stumbled a few times, falling back to my old habits. However, after a few months of perseverance, I can confidently say that I have successfully transitioned to a paperless existence.




The tools that aided me in this transformation were an iPad with a stylus, and the applications Goodnotes 6, Apple Notes, and Apple Reminders. These tools became my digital notebook, my digital planner, and my digital reminder system.

One major obstacle I faced during this transition was the tactile difference between writing on paper and writing on an iPad. The screen felt too smooth, lacking the friction that a pen on paper provides. This made writing feel unnatural and was a significant reason for my fallback to traditional methods.


However, after watching several reviews, I discovered a product called “Paperlike,” a screen cover designed to mimic the textureof paper.

With a leap of faith, I decided to purchase it. This decision turned out to be a game-changer. The Paperlike screen protector not only provided the tactile feedback I was missing but also significantly reduced the screen’s glare, making it easier on the eyes. This small addition made my iPad feel like a real notebook, providing the last push I needed to fully embrace the paperless lifestyle.

Sidenote: During this “search” I also highly doubted if I should buy a dedicated tablet for writing. A good candidate was the re-markable 2. Nice tablet, but if you want it including all needed accessories it get expensive quickly. Also it is yet another digital tool in my collection, meaning more to carry and possible more syncing issues. So I stopt that search and did go for the Paperlike screenprotector which is a relativy cheap upgrade to try out. Maybe just maybe if I win the lottery of have sufficient funding I will go for an iPad Pro as upgrade.




Goodnotes 6 became my primary tool for jotting down notes and sketching ideas. The application has evolved fantastically over the past few months, becoming my go-to tool for note-taking. The seamless integration with my MacBook allowed me to access my handwritten notes across devices, providing a level of convenience that traditional notebooks could never offer.

In addition to Goodnotes 6, Apple’s native apps, Notes and Reminders, became my go-to apps for Getting Things Done (GTD). After 14 years of being an Evernote user, I made the switch to Apple Notes. In a previous blog article, I have detailed the reasons for this change.




Going paperless was a challenging but rewarding journey. It required patience, adaptability, and the right tools. However, the benefits – convenience, accessibility, and contribution towards a greener environment, made it all worth it. I hope my experience can inspire others to consider this transition and experience the benefits for themselves.