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Sim Racing Vault website

This project was started out of frustration that when you want to be fast on this game you, either:
1) You need to be very good at car setups or 
2) You need to buy setups to even get to the top of your class.

So I created this website where console racers can share and get free setups for their cars as basis.

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I started this beginning 2023 and it is still showing growing numbers of visitors and users each month. In the meanwhile we have some fast racers sharing their setups , so it is becoming more an more a sharing center.

I created this site using PHP 8.x, MySQL and using Bootstrap as a front-end Framework. It is hosted a my personal homeserver running Nginx as webserver.

Some of the features are:
* User can find a setup via a car or circuit selection.
* User can compare setups from the same circuit with same or other cars.
* User can submit their own setup via a webform for sharing.
* User can convert PC setups to easy to use Console setups.

The most complex part was building the setup converter since the upload of the users is a JSON files with a complex structure. The values need to be dynamically converted to make them useable for the Console to work. For this conversion is a large base-file JSON needed with all the various car specific parameters. It took me a few weeks to compile this file and when new cars come to the console it is a lot of work to add them.

My tooling to build and create this website (I use a Macbook as main machine)
Nova from Panic for Coding — A awesome IDE tool for Mac.
Bootstrap Studio — A tool to help me create Bootstrap code in a very simple but effective way.
PHPmyadmin to do all the SQL work.
* Gitlab CE– to keep it all in sync and use version control. (running on my local NAS)
Mamp Pro — to be able to develop PHP and MySQL code locally on a Macbook

This is an ongoing project which I will keep developing and supporting.It helps me keeping my developer mind sharp and up-to-date.


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